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МЕРМАН Этель ♀ 1909-1984 США актриса и певица MERMAN Ethel ♀ 1909-1984

Пол, ориентация, секс-связиGender, orientation, sexual liaisonsРейтинги, титулы, званияRatings, titles, gradesДоходы, имущество, капитализацияIncomes, property, capitalizationНаграды, премии, должностиAwards, prizes, positionsНаследство, споры о нёмBequest, disputes about it
Гражданство, подданствоNationality, allegiance
Архивы: фото, видео, аудиоArchives: photo,video, audio
Профессия, специализацияProfession, specialization
ПартнерыParty membership
Этнос, язык, конфессияEthnos, language, confessionСоматикаSomatic
Партийность, электоральные предпочтенияParty membership, electoral preferencesПсихика, соционикаPsyche, socionics
УчебаBuildingОбращения, иски его и к немуAppeals his, suits against him
Карьера, новостиCareer, news
 byname of ETHEL AGNES ZIMMERMAN (b. Jan. 16, 1909, Astoria, N.Y., U.S.--d. Feb. 15, 1984, New York City), American singer, actress, and lead performer in more than a dozen Broadway musicals. After working as a secretary and part-time singer, she began to get professional engagements in 1929. She made her stage debut in the George and Ira Gershwin musical Girl Crazy in 1930 and achieved notable success with her rendition of the song "I Got Rhythm." She became a favoured performer for many of the major songwriters of the period--including Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, and George Gershwin. She made her first appearance in a full-length motion picture in 1934 and starred in her own weekly radio show in 1935. Merman continued to perform on Broadway, scoring her most notable successes in Anything Goes (1934), Red, Hot and Blue (1936), Du Barry Was a Lady (1939), Panama Hattie (1940), Something for the Boys (1943), Annie Get Your Gun (1946), Call Me Madam (1950), and Gypsy (1959). She was most memorable for her strong, clear vocalizations, though she never had voice lessons, and received many awards for her performances over the years, including a 1972 special Tony award in recognition of her lifetime contribution to show business. Her autobiography, Who Could Ask For Anything More?, was published in 1955.
Поездки, связи вовнеTravels, contacts outside
Лица причастныеPersons participialПоездки, связи внутриTTravels, contacts inside
Общественные делаSocial activityОтзывы о нёмOpinions
Экзы - война, суд, катастрофы...)Exs - wars, trials, accidents...)Труды егоWorks own
Неволя - тюрьма, плен...)Captivity - prison, bondage...)БиблиографияBibliography
Умер, неизлечимость, недееспособнсотьDie, incurable, invalidityСетьWeb